We mail documents with multiples carriers anywhere in the USA and the world!

We mail documents with multiples carriers anywhere in the USA and the world!

At PakMail Coconut Creek,we mail your documents anywhere in the USA or the world using the best service available depending on your requirements of delivery time and service guarantee.

From legal documents to express letters or happy birthday cards , we offer different carriers such as USPS, FedEx , UPS and DHL , as well delivery services on the same day, both local and International.

FedEx & UPS & DHL

When it comes to sending documents with the assurance that they will at the destination on a particular date or even a specific time, we rely on diferrent levels of services provided by FedEx Express and UPS for delivery of your documents.

From FedEx First Overnight for early morning delivery of your documents or UPS Next Day to 2 or 3 business day money back guarantee delivery, PakMail Coconut Creek is your one stop shop for your expedite document shipping: all the options from the best carriers

Also, if the destination of your document is international, we include DHL in the menu of services: a carrier that specializes in international shipping, giving you more price and delivery time options for your international documents.

 United States Postal Service

PAKMAIL Coconut Creek is an USPS Approved Shipper allowing us to offer all the services offered at a post office and our staff can advise on the use of the correct class service and shipping needs. From stamps, documents, military mail, certified mail or tracking number, we take care of your mailing needs.

From sending documents using the most economical service: First Class, which doesn’t include tracking or Certified Mail which includes tracking and signature, to Priority Mail for faster delivery or Priority Mail Express (formerly Express Mail) for expedite overnight or 2 day money back guarantee service for domestic mailing of your documents.

We also offer all the USPS services for International mailing of your documents and with out daily pickup from USPS at our store, we guarantee you the same level of service you get from the post office.

Same Day

If you have a document that needs to be delivered the same day in the USA or cannot wait for the international transit time of 2 or 3 days , we offer Same Day options from carriers like FedEx Express, UPS and DHL, comparing all the services and give you the best option.

Also, if your need is for a local delivery of a document (less than 70 miles from our location) on the same day, we have a local courier service that can deliver your documents in a time frame of less than 4 hours.

Same day services are the most expensive of all the services but you can be assured that PakMail Coconut Creek will help you finding the best service and the best price.


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