Different Cooler Sizes

We offer up to 4 different cooler sizes for your perishables

The safety and longevity of perishables depends on proper packing.  The type of refrigeration needed and the proper packing material are always taken into consideration to ensure that your items are in good condition while traveling hours to several days.

At Pak Mail Coconut Creek we provide,

  • Containers for perishable products are in 4 different sizes
  • Dry-ice is used for frozen items
  • Mixtures of dry-ice, regular ice or gel-packs are combined, as needed

Perishables items should be sent overnight but depending on the type of perishable and type of refrigeration needed, we can ship 2 day delivery. It’s important not so ship on Thrusday or Friday unless you request Saturday delivery for your perishables.


We use the proper materials to keep your packages at the right temperature for the transit time

Because Dry-Ice is considered Hazardous Materials, there is a limit on the amount of Dry-Ice that can be used in a single box and the selection of carriers to ship your perishables.

Neither Pak Mail nor the carriers will be liable or responsible for loss or damage of perishables due to late deliveries, so it’s better to plan ahead and consider a transit time of one additional day when packing your perishables so they will arrive safely.

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