Glass & China


Glass is very fragile. More than bubble wrap is needed to ship it safely

Remember the rule:  “If it can shake, it can break,” so glass, ceramics and china need extra care when packing and shipping.  These items are marked “very fragile” because, they require to be double boxed and properly packed to avoid damage between them.

Sometimes your most valuables heirlooms are figurines and china that had been at your home from previous generations and they become irreplaceable. That’s why you need to take extra care when packing them, even when you take them to the store to be packed and shipped. We offer pickup services and we do pre-packing of the very fragile items before taking them to the store to avoid any damage while in transit.

At Pak Mail Coconut Creek we have very strict standards for packaging your very fragile and valuable fine china to make it safe to ship. This is totally different from what moving companies do by using large boxes for packing dishes, with minimum protection, as the handling of the box is totally different than shipping the box with parcel carriers.

Double Boxing

Double Boxing will prevent your very fragile items to be easily damaged by shock or vibration

Double boxing is the method to safely pack one or more pieces of glass or china as any overweight or pressure added to the outer box is not directly translated to the inner box. Also the cushioning between the boxes and the very fragile item will reduce vibration and shock.

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