Major carriers like FedEx and UPS consider electronics fragile items.  For this reason, they must be carefully packed to guarantee safe arrival.  The contents of a box can suffer from vibration or shock by the handling of the box, even if the box is not damaged.

At Pak Mail Coconut Creek, we use special boxes for shipping laptops and computer towers that make the packing more efficient and less expensive.  Other electronic devices with more fragile components, (TVs or computer monitors) will require additional packaging considerations, (depending on the size and weight), like anti-static bubble wrap, Instapack protection instead of foam’s peanuts to avoid tiny little particles flying inside your electronic equipment and more.

Shipping an entire office of electronics can be tedious but at Pak Mail Coconut Creek we make it easier and your items will be protected by our own declare value program that guarantee immediate replacement in case there is any damage.

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