Terms and Conditions

Pak Mail Store No. US467 (Pak Mail) is a franchisee of Pak Mail Centers of America, Inc. This Pak Mail location is independently owned and operated by Pak Mail and Pak Mail is not an agent or employee of Pak Mail Centers of America, Inc. Pak Mail Centers of America, Inc. is not liable for the acts of Pak Mail, including loss or damage to your shipment.

Pak Mail disclaims all liability for loss of, or damage to, your shipment beyond the coverage provided by the carrier, if any, unless you purchase Pak Mail’s Alternate Declared Value (ADV) protection. If you have purchased ADV protection, the following conditions and procedures apply and must be followed:

If your shipment does not arrive within 7 days, please notify the Pak Mail store indicated on the front of the receipt, unless shipping time has been determined to be longer.

If your shipment is damaged:

• Immediately contact the Pak Mail store that shipped your item(s). Pak Mail cannot be liable for a claim that goes unreported for more than 45 days;

• Please note any damage prior to signing the carrier’s delivery receipt. Failure to do so may nullify your opportunity to have a claim paid. You must save the box and all packing material for the carrier’s inspection; and

• Do not return or release merchandise to any carrier unless specifically instructed by the Pak Mail store with which you did business.

If you have declared a value for the shipment and have protected that declared value then, in case of loss or damage, Pak Mail will not be liable for more than:

• The cost of repair or replacement of the property, with material of like kind and quality;

• The cost of repair or replacement of the property at point of destination on the date of delivery with proper deduction for depreciation; or

• The actual cash market value of the property at the destination on the date of delivery.

It is the customer’s responsibility to be able to provide a current appraisal or receipt for the item(s) being shipped in order to show proof of value. (The appraisal must be less than one year old.) Declaring a value on the receipt does not constitute proof of value; proof of value must exist and be available prior to shipping.

If no value is declared, Pak Mail will not be liable for more than the coverage provided by the carrier, if any.

Value may be declared per item or package being shipped. However, if a lump sum declaration is made, losses will be paid on a prorated distribution on number of items and/or parcels shipped.

Should repair or replacement estimates become necessary, it is the customer’s responsibility to obtain these documents.

As a courtesy to you, Pak Mail will permit the carrier to correct an incorrect delivery address, if possible. If the carrier charges an address correction fee, the customer agrees to reimburse Pak Mail.

Pak Mail will not be liable for damage to internal electrical/electronic equipment or circuits where no visible damage is evident.

Pak Mail will not be liable in the event of breakage or internal damage with a customer-packed parcel. In addition, ADV protection will not apply in that event or where the shipment has not been packaged in compliance with approved packaging procedures of Pak Mail Centers of America, Inc.

Pak Mail, in no event, shall be liable for any consequential, incidental loss, software or data media recovery, depreciated value, or special damages that may occur from acts of God, carrier negligence, water damage, disappearance, non-delivery, damage or delay of any shipment. This limitation shall apply to and include, but not be limited to, negotiable items, damages for loss of profit, loss of income, or loss of bargain.

Pak Mail will not be liable for failure of carrier to affect a timely delivery. Delivery dates and times are estimates on Pak Mail’s part and are based on information given by carrier.

Pak Mail will not be liable for carrier to properly collect COD monies.

Pak Mail will not be liable for customer’s failure to properly address packages correctly. Incorrect addresses on packages include consignee’s correct telephone number on address label.

Pak Mail will not be liable for any parcel shipped without adequate declared value protection. Depreciation may be applied to declared value. Pak Mail’s liability will not exceed the value declared on the receipt.

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